Top 3 Amazing Ideas Of Creating A Personalized Wedding Guest Book

These days it is very normal to have a guest book at any event or function, especially at an event like wedding ceremony. Couples love to keep a record of who all attended the wedding and even guests enjoy leaving behind their blessings and compliments for the newlyweds.

However, the tradition of having the guest book doesn’t mean you have to stick to the old notebook idea. Nowadays couples are designing their wedding guest book in amazingly twisted ways. These log books are no longer just notebooks, but in fact, they can be anything which reminds the couple about who attended their wedding ceremony.

If you are too planning for your big day too, then here are a few amazing ideas for guest books. Most of them are pretty simple, but yet they give a personalized touch.

Top 3 guest book ideas:

  • No pages at all

Well, this is a pretty cool idea and you can use anything and everything here. To start with, if you are having a themed wedding, then simply stick to it and use whatever fits perfectly with the theme. For instance, if it is a seaside wedding, then simply use shells. Place a lot of shells on a table along with a permanent marker pen and a glass bowl. Asks your guests to sign the shell and drop it in the bowl. You can use this bowl full of guests’ signs and compliments as a display item in your living room.

You can also use small smooth rocks for this purpose. Just like shells, provide rocks and pens to your guest and ask them to sign it.

  • Color Fun

By using this idea, you can have an original masterpiece of art for yourself. Ask your guest to leave their marks on paper along with their name or signature. Well, if you are worried about the mess, don’t. All you need is to provide wet wipes for your guests so once they are done with the color fun, they can clean their hands.

You can even get a canvass and some paint brushes. Ask your friends and family to pen down their feelings in any way they want. They can either contribute by painting a small art or simply write a message and sign using the brush.

  • Use a map

This idea is especially suitable for couples who are planning to have a destination wedding. Simply hang a vintage map at the entrance of your venue and ask your guest to sign it. You can later frame this map and hang it at your new home. You can even have more than one map, like one for family and one for friends.

There are many other guest book ideas which will certainly leave you in awe. Just take some time and do a little research. A guest book might be a small detail in the wedding plans, but it is that one thing which will stay for life and remind you about the big and most important day of your life.

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