One Step Beyond….

There is a certain flair involved with self indulgence.  Make no mistake about it, everyone, from time to time, should, no deserves, the sheer pleasure of making a dream come true.  And, as the old saying goes, if something is worth doing, it is worth doing right!

Krikawa accommodates this matter of fulfillment expertly when it comes to the design and manufacture of custom wedding bands, diamond engagement rings, Mokume gane wedding bands of an extraordinary nature, or other exquisite custom jewelry pieces.

This custom design house, famous around the world for its design capabilities, can take concepts and desires of the heart built upon catalogue pictures, magazine illustrations, creativity and imagination and mold them into elegant, elaborate and original designs to bring pride and meaning to the owner year after year.

While it is true that the finished product is the pinnacle of the road that starts from ideas and images, there is something to be said for the process itself and the satisfaction that it can bring.  Krikawa has a long list of happy customers that are pleased to provide testament as to how courteous, considerate and indulging their people and process can be.  Over the years, they have unlocked the secret to industry leading, unparalleled customer service.  And without exception, customer vision becomes their vision.  Whether the experience is designing a unique diamond engagement ring, perhaps custom wedding bands, the perfect graduation ring or some other specific celebratory custom piece, Krikawa satisfies in a manner unlike any other custom design house.

In the final analysis, meeting customer needs is simply the right thing to do.  What really matters is achieving something that goes well beyond expectation. Helping them realize something more than the sum of the various precious stones and metals that form the design is truly the genius of Krikawa!

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