Keeping the Focus on Wedding Day Bliss

Wedding planning can go on for months depending on how large the wedding party is, how distant the location is and how complicated the family dynamics are.  If the bride has everyone in the party from her childhood on, deciding on a bridesmaid dress can takes weeks.  You want to choose a design that looks good on everybody, and a color that’s flattering on all.  Sometimes the bride makes the decision and all will agree to abide by it, knowing it’s her special day.  At other times, the best choice is to have the dresses made from the same material and allow each bridesmaid to choose from one of two styles.  Eventually a decision is made that all can live with.  We’ve all seen that popular wedding dress show where you’d think the bride had no say whatsoever in how she was going to look.  In some cases, the mother of the bride won’t approve her choice or wants to “see her princess in a ball gown,” the siblings put her down, or the maid of honor thinks she should have the last say.  What usually happens is the host of the show intervenes and brings the focus back to the bride where it should be.



Reaching a consensus on who goes to the destination wedding is another big decision that can complicate plans for a wedding.  This is especially true when there are members of the family who feel slighted because they can’t afford the price of a ticket and hotel and feel the bride should keep things local.  Even when the destination is an all-inclusive resort with airfare included, some family members just can’t find the money in the budget for the trip.  In these situations, having a family host a little reception for those who couldn’t attend when everyone gets back is a great way to smooth over hurt feelings.


Another issue that must be faced is whether or not to have children at a wedding reception.  Some brides emphatically state that the affair is for adults only, and hold it a few hours after the wedding so family members and guests have time to take their kids to the sitter.  There another way to handle this if it becomes an issue, is to enlist the services of a childcare provider from  This online service even provides money saving coupons through Groupon so you can save on the fees for the services of a licensed and trained provider who can keep the children entertained while the adults enjoy the festivities.  Check with Groupon, and search for more information on in your area.




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