How to Create Wedding Invitations?

In the whirlwind of organizing a wedding, the vintage wedding invitation stage is crucial. It is finally the time to invite the guests to take part in this special day. How to proceed to realize oneself and thus save? Here are our tips.

Which format to choose?

When it comes time to prepare wedding invitations, there are no real rules. After all, this is YOUR day and it must be your image. So it’s time to let go of your creativity and add a touch of madness to mark the imagination of the guests.

To facilitate the sending of invitations (and reduce costs!), It is advisable to opt for common formats that are easily delivered by regular mail. We forget the XXL formats or the eccentric forms: it would be a pity that your work arrives damaged because of a little delicate transport! The type of format that works at all times? The 5X7 popularized by greeting cards and photos.

We also invite you to vary styles. Do you want a folded card featuring a photo of your couple and information inside or rather a rigid photo card featuring all the information? With online photo printing services, you can even add a unique typography, in addition to making custom montages.

What to include?

To avoid any misunderstandings, it is well to clarify some points about announcements. In addition to specifying the type of event, a wedding in this case, it is necessary to indicate the date, the place (with the most details possible) and the time at which the guests are invitedIf one opts for a more traditional wedding, it may be appropriate to include the names of the parents of the married couple, then symbolically designated as hosts of the ceremony.

Finally, it is essential to include a deadline to receive confirmation of attendance, the famous RSVP.

When to send it?

If the marriage takes place in a neighboring municipality, invitations are sent six to eight weeks before the wedding date. This time allows ample time for guests to book their day for the event.

For ceremonies that require more complex organization, such as a wedding outside the country or in another city, it is best to send invitations more than two months in advance.

Finally, if the future spouses wish to give a glimpse of the wedding by reserving their guests several months in advance, it is possible to send them a note “Mark your calendar”. This can be a simple card or, for more originality, a magnet for the refrigerator. There will be an invitation in due form in the following weeks.

There are two options for receiving responses. You can include a reservation card to send back (do not forget to include a stamp!) Or create a simple website so that your guests leave their comments and response to the announcement.

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