Getting a Picture Perfect Smile on your Wedding

Having a picture perfect smile just like people in magazines is something we all wish we could have. What many people do not realize is that picture perfect smiles are attainable with good oral health. You can have teeth just like the people in magazines by following Dr. Gretzula’s tips and tricks!

Brush Really Well

Dentists have been encouraging people to have good oral health by taking the time to brush their teeth really well for many years. What many people do not realize is that it is very important that you also brush the remainder of your mouth. Dr. Gretzula says that it is very important to remember to brush your tongue and gums when you are brushing your teeth. A lot of bacteria grows on other surfaces of your mouth besides your teeth. If you skip brushing your tongue and gums you are not going to have a clean mouth for very long.

Limit Unhealthy Foods

There are certain foods that are very bad for your teeth. Soda and coffee are two of the most harsh drinks that you can drink for your teeth. The high levels of sugar that are in soda will attack your teeth. With soda being a liquid it will also cover every surface in your mouth very quickly. Coffee on the other hand is notorious for staining your teeth. Coffees dark coloring will do a number on your white teeth. Avoiding these two substances can make a huge difference in the health of your teeth.

Eat More of Healthy Foods

While there are two substances that are very unhealthy for your teeth, soda and coffee, there are other foods that are great for your teeth! Milk is one of the best things you can do to strengthen your teeth. Calcium is known for building strong bones. Your teeth are bones and will greatly benefit from your milk intake. There are also other foods that will promote healthy foods. You should try and eat more vegetables, apples, and cheese. These foods will promote good oral health and you can enjoy eating them.

Oral health is something that has to be strived for everyday. If you think that you can neglect your teeth and still have pretty, white teeth you are wrong. If you do not care for your oral health you are sure to see the side effects quickly. It does not take long for your teeth to start to decay, smell, and turn brown. You should take pride in your smile and care for it well everyday so you can keep it pretty for the remainder of your life.

Have a picture perfect smile on your wedding.

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