10 Tips To Plan A Birthday Party In Toronto

Being tasked with organizing a birthday party can be an honor and a burden in equal measures.  On one hand, you have the opportunity to provide the lucky recipient and their guests with an extraordinary and memorable experience.  On the other, the responsibility of making it happen can be nerve-racking to say the least.

Particularly if you find yourself dealing with a limited budget, which for obvious reasons can throw all manner of additional issues into the mix.

On the plus side, there are various tips, tricks and guidelines from the experts that can help make the process somewhat simpler.  And of course, the most effective way of planning a party like a pro is to follow the advice of the pros!

So with this in mind, what follows is a brief overview of just XX essential tips for planning the perfect birthday party in Toronto:

  1. Find Inspiration

First up, if you have absolutely no idea where or how to start, all the inspiration you could ever need can be found online. Google can be your best friend in the world when it comes to birthday party inspiration – the particularly when carrying out the kinds of image searches that can give you a good visual idea of the options available to you.  Rather than simply making things up as you go along, it can be far easier to have something of a vision in mind and work on bringing it to life.

  1. Establish A Budget

Likewise, simply hacking away at things from start to finish is a sure-fire way of overspending.  It’s far more advisable to establish a budget from the get-go, in order to give yourself something of a figure to work with.  Particularly when working with something of a restricted budget, establishing exactly how much you have available is of critical importance.

  1. Pick The Perfect Location

The location you select for the party can and will make all the difference.  While house parties are all well and good, there’s something uniquely enjoyable and exciting about a private party hosted elsewhere.  Indoors or outdoors, it’s important to choose a location that is most likely to appeal to those you intend to invite.  Think about things like accessibility, parking, public transport, how weather conditions may affect the venue and so on.

  1. Choose A Date And Time

Always think carefully about the most appropriate date and time for your party.  For example, if you schedule your party in the early afternoon or evening, you are going to have to ensure you provide a meal.  If you choose to date or time where public transport links are limited, it may be difficult for your guests to make it.  From peak season price-hikes to public holidays to school term time and so on, there are various things to take into account when choosing a date and time for your party.

  1. Hire The Help

The further in advance you begin hiring the help you need, the better.  This includes things like catering, entertainment, servers, transportation, photographers and so on.  In terms of both availability and prices, things tend to be so much easier and more affordable when you plan in advance.  The same also applies if considering the very best photo booth rentals Toronto, which have a tendency to be reserve pretty far in advance.

  1. Write A Guest List

The only way of ensuring that you don’t make any serious errors when the time comes to invite your guests is to pen a complete and accurate guest list.  Depending on your chosen venue, you may find yourself limited to a certain number of guests and will therefore need to be ‘strategic’ when it comes to whom does and does not make the list.  Once again, this is the kind of thing you need to think about addressing as far in advance as possible – given that it can quickly become far more complicated than expected.

  1. Consider E-Mail

And if looking for the quickest and easiest way of both getting your invitations out and receiving RSVPs from your guests, you might want to go digital.  Send your invitations by e-mail, or even spread the word via social media, rather than waiting around for weeks on end to receive replies by post.

  1. Verify And Vet

Under no circumstances should you take any chances when it comes to the quality and capabilities of those you hire for the event.  From entertainers to catering staff to the venue itself, it’s always worth carrying out a little advanced research to find out what past and present customers/users have had to say about their offerings.  These days, it just isn’t worth taking chances when all information you need is no more than a quick web search away.  See what others have had to say, before making any important decisions.

  1. Consider Special Requirements

It’s also important to ensure that you take into account any special requirements that any of your guests may have.  Typical examples including guests who may be vegetarian, guests with limited mobility, guests from different faiths/backgrounds and so on.  If you genuinely want to ensure that everyone at your party has an equally fantastic time, you need to be mindful of special requirements and make any necessary arrangements/modifications accordingly.  In addition, be extremely careful when it comes to potential allergens in any of the food or drinks you serve.

  1. Ask The Experts

Last but not least, there’s much to be said for reaching out to professional event and party planners, before going ahead with the DIY option.  The reason being that not only can it be so much easier to have a party planner help organize the event, but in many instances it can also work out far more cost-effective.  While professional party planners are not in the habit of offering their services free of charge, there are nonetheless have the kinds of exclusive contacts and professional networks that can breed significant savings.  So even if it’s simply for an initial consultation, it’s definitely worth speaking to the experts, before getting started.

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