Black Wedding Dress: Whom Does It Suit and How to Create an Elegant Image?

Author: Vanila Wedding Shop in Dubai

It seems unexpected and shocking, but more often brides make a choice in favor of wedding dresses of black color, complemented by a black veil.

Why do Girls Choose this Color?

Why do modern brides increasingly opt for this non-standard color solution? Here is the reasons. Girls put on the outfit of the color of the night, thereby challenging the established wedding traditions. Such bride-rebels like to surprise and even shock others. Ladies who want to stand out against the background of other brides can also prefer this shade. Black dress can create a special atmosphere at the wedding, which is typical for Halloween. This is especially true in America. Girls who want to emphasize their belonging to the Gothic culture can wear a dark outfit of the black wing color for the ceremony.

Who is Black Suitable For?

Of course, this color is not suitable for every bride. The wedding image should be based on the nature of the girl. Black dress will suit only brave girls who are not too concerned about the opinion of the invited guests. If you realize that black is not your color, but you really want to add it to your outfit, refer to the compromise black and white models. The combination of these two contrasting colors is very symbolic. It represents the confrontation between the angel and the devil, light and darkness, freedom and limitations.

Create an Elegant Image

As a rule, attires, created by famous designers, are very expensive. Of course, you can save a lot of money for a black wedding dress from Vera Wong, but it is quite possible to pick up an equally refined version, which will cost much cheaper. Creative girls can buy a classic white dress and add a little black lace, embroidery or other details to it.

If your dress is absolutely black, the veil should be colored similarly. For black and white outfits, a white hat is quite acceptable. What about changing roles with your future husband? You will organically look with your groom in a snow-white suit. Of course, you must warn him in advance about your choice, because such surprise will not appeal to every young man. Try to focus on contrast. On the photo, a black wedding dress of the bride and the white outfits of her bridesmaids look peculiar. Dark shades of clothing allow you to use almost any make-up. If you want a softer and more gentle image, pastel shades will help you. Vamp women should pay attention to red bright lipstick and smoky-eyes makeup.
Finally, the main advice – do not forget to use the chosen colors in the other elements of the wedding decor. Use a black and white color scheme on invitations, a wedding bouquet, a cake, wedding cortege and other bridal accessories.

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