Why are You Still Single

You’ve heard about the “secret”, right? It’s hard to find, a person who has not seen any movie or read books on the subject. Probably everyone knows how the law of attraction works, but they complain that in their lives things are not as they would like them to be. The main point is that to change the world around you is enough to deal with your own thoughts and feelings. When you change things inside of you and everything around you will change. Although they know this, many women are asking, “What’s wrong with me, why do not I have a man in my life, why does not anyone fall in love with me?” Here, at individual counselling toronto we will help you find the answer.

If you feel like them, answer the following questions:

Do you love yourself? Before you answer mechanically with “yes” think twice, do you always come first? Does this mean before work, friends, children, parents, even before the partners you had? Do you accept the way you are, even when you made a mistake? Are you inclined to insult yourself and to say to yourself: “How can you be so stupid, naive…?” Do you say “no” when someone asks you for a favor or steals your precious time to complain to you how bad is  the place we live in?

Remember: Do not expect from the other what you cannot give yourself! You do not love unconditionally if you are angry with yourself and condemned if you criticize and insult. The men you meet will be your mirror. On the surface you will have all the prerequisites for a wonderful connection. And with time, it will be clear that the situation is “I will love you only if you make compromises for me”, “I will love you more when you lose 5 pounds.” Or “you are very sweet, but I’m not in the stage of having a serious relationship.”

Why do you want love – because it is the longing of the heart or to alter your ego? You are ready to meet love only when you are happy in your own company. When you are happy alone, you can give the other unconditional love. You can have a lasting and happy relationship when the two of you complete each other, self-sufficient people meet and open their hearts to one another.

If you want love in your life, you need to open yourself like a flower. Finding your heart without a trace of past pain, fear and no defenses that keep you from being hurt. To ask love from the heart means you are motivated to meet someone and it is not because it is necessary. And no, because it’s time for you to have a family or because everyone is expecting to do that. All this is an ego – the desire to have a partner to be in a different status, to be like others to make you feel liked and desirable.

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